2015-2016 Season’s Rider Advancements

The following riders earned advancement points for the 2015-2016 Season. Their excellent performance during the past season are sufficient to qualify them for forced advancement to the indicated classes for the 2016-2017 season.

Top 5 MC Riders must ride AA
1. Shane O'Banion
2. Brandon Ferguson
3. Kyle Sharp
4. Logan P'Pool
5. Justin Lenard

Top 3 ATV Riders must ride Pro
1. Ryan Lane
2. Aarol Bright
3. Phillip Wall

MC Riders
Walter Bailey B to A
Josh Vender B to A
Kevin Burton B to A
Aaron Derr B to A
Stephen Bynum B to A
Mike Schobert B to A
Wes Chaffin B to A
Austin Schobert C to B
Sean Miller C to B
Kane McGee C to B
Warren Young C to B
Chad Gantt C to B
Roland Graves C to B
Joseph Dile C to B
Josh Moser C to B

ATV Riders
Sawyer Peters B to A
Charles Harris B to A
Lucas Cook C to B
Brandon Reynolds C to B
Wilton Anderson C to B
Scott Kehn C to B
Cody M. Martin C to B
Garrett Arterburn C to B

15 for race
20 overall
40 for class win in B/C
40 to advance

NOTE: This list is not necessairly all inclusive. If you know of a rider who should have been advanced, you may notify the series and we will check their results. If you are a rider who thinks they may have been advanced, you probably should self-advance. If you are not on this list, but we find you should have been, you will be advanced immediately. DO NOT RIDE IN THE WRONG CLASSIFICATION!!! If we missed you, we can assure you, the riders you beat will NOT miss you and eventually someone will point it out.