MSXC Official Mailist

Please sign up for our E-mail list. It is simple and painless. On the main page of our website you will find a simple, easy place to enter your name and email address. You have to answer a simple arithmetic program to prove you are not an automated program/spammer. Click "Sign me up" and that's it. Usually within 24 hours, we will reply to your request and let you know you've been added to the Email list (and to check your return address). If you don't receive the reply, then your E-mail address didn't work.

We use this E-mail list to communicate with our riders, and others interested in our series. We don't allow bulk advertising to this list but we may let you know about a sponsor's special program from time to time as part of our regular messages. We value this list and hold is as a proprietary "secret", we do not give our address list to anyone. All our mailings will show up with only our name on them in the "to" box, so others cannot capture our list and send you spam.

We don't send tons of stuff to this list, but we do use it for very important announcements like race schedule changes, unforeseen race cancellations, direction or location changes, etc.

If you are a MSXC rider and have ANY access to E-mail there is no reason not to sign up on this list. Help us help you stay informed about the series. Please sign up for it, you'll get the next message we send.

If you do not get any messages, that means we have removed you from the list. To ensure we don't get tagged as a spammer ourselves, we aggressively remove addresses that bounce from the list for about any reason including:
-Mail is undeliverable
-Your mailbox was full
-Your mail system rejected the message
-Your spam software wants us to complete a form before you accept mail
- etc.
We do not delete addresses with vacation autoresponders (unless asked of course)

Don't want to be on the list, anymore? No problem, follow the instructions in the footer of every message we send and we'll remove you immediately. If you don't want it, we don't have the bandwidth to waste. We will send you a confirmation note telling you your address was removed. PLEASE We need to know the address that gets the message however. We have to know *who* to delete so either send the address or send the request from the account that gets the message. We WILL remove you from the list if asked, no questions asked.

Privacy Policy:
Simple. It is in the best interests of the MSXC to not allow access to our Email list by anyone, period. We do not sell or otherwise distribute this private email maillist to anyone. Any messages sent to this list will come from us. We may send a message on behalf of a sponsor, but we will not give your email address to anyone.